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Discovering Éire: by the waters of Galway

What does it mean when you get to a place and can't stop yourself from crying for days on end?

Maybe it means that my body is arriving and integrating. Maybe it means that I am processing grief. Maybe it…

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Discovering Éire: journey toward the music

I came to Ireland for the first time just as I turned 40 years old. My purpose: to connect with the people, my roots, and most importantly, to discover the music. The long game dream is taking all of these…

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Discovering Éire: after arriving, Sept. 28

Day 1 - I landed in Dublin around 14:45 local time. My mom and sister were outside immigration and baggage claim waiting for me. They landed a few hours before I did.  

Without any delay, we headed to pick…

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Discovering Éire: Traveling

My flight out of San Francisco took off about 75 minutes behind schedule. Luckily, Air Canada has their act together and with no fuss, the switched me from a flight direct from Toronto to Dublin on to one to London…

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Discovering Éire: the journey begins

I rose early on September 27, 2022.

Today is the day that I head to Ireland for the first time in my 40 years on this planet. My bags are all packed with what I hope is not too much…

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