Discovering Éire: the journey begins

I rose early on September 27, 2022.

Today is the day that I head to Ireland for the first time in my 40 years on this planet. My bags are all packed with what I hope is not too much stuff. I look over at my phone as my alarm sounds and see about 25 text messages from AirCanada. DELAYED! I investigate and I quickly realize that the delay to Toronto means that I would miss my connection to Dublin. The feeling deflation quickly creeps i. I try to reach air Canada to see what the heck I can do. I am proud of myself because I did not go to worst case scenario which would be my not going to Ireland at all. Rather, I calmly called the airline. While on hold for an agent, I got an update. I have been booked onto another flight. Now I am going through London, and the destination is still intact. Phew. 

The Lyft ride to the airport was full of lively conversation with the driver. We had very different views of the world, and I am so very grateful that we still managed to have a great connection. I learned more about why he thinks that way he does and vice versa. 

The ride left me feeling excited to travel. I get outside of my reality for a bit and expand my understanding of the world, and other humans. 

Now I am at the terminal waiting to board the plane and my goodness, I know a REALLY long journey awaits me. So one moment at a time, here I go. To Ireland with me!