1. Mandolin

From the recording Heartbreak Residue


Laying down in bed alone for swimming in my head
Turn off the radio, set the alarm clock
Pray that I can fall asleep
I woke up today after years of pushing this fight
Cried until the day came to an end
Didn’t even write down my feelings
You drove thousands to get away

Walked into the grocery store
Tried to find a little to make my heart soar
This is what it’s come to for me
A bag of kale, good intent
Now I’m here, staring at the stove
Wishin’ for the life that life that we made home
You drove thousands to get away

When you left and my walls caved in
Exposed a faulty frame
You left your mandolin
You drove thousands to get away

We took a long drive right next to the lake
The sun was setting as we hit the south side
The air was cold the water was frozen
Throwing rocks to break the ice
Is it true that I’m going crazy
That you are lost or are we just lazy
I'd drive thousands to find a way
You drove thousands to get away