This is my brain

Day 2 - Discovering Éire - Traveling

My flight out of San Francisco took off about 75 minutes behind schedule. Luckily, Air Canada has their act together and with no fuss, the switched me from a flight direct from Toronto to Dublin on to one to London…

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Distractible mornings 

I love routines. When they are in place and my system is energized enough to do them, my goodness, do they work. They give me a sense of control, of purpose, of loving and caring for myself. The truth is…

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Strangers inspire me

I go through dark periods where all I can do is nothing. Where I stare at my computer or the room around me and feel no impulse, no spark, no drive while also feeling anxious and like I ought to…

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Music As The Mortar

In this world, there are endless human experiences. Endless belief systems, religions, lifestyles, political leanings, levels of spiritual development, ages, body types, gender identities, economic statuses; the list goes on. 

Each human experience is a universe unto itself. A…

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