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The Voices of the Ancestors Podcast 

From the Voices of the Ancestors Website: Briget Boyle, vocal coach and singer with Kitka chats with Jen Morris bringing the west coast USA perspective to ‘Voices of the Ancestors’. They chat about:- 

Working with powerful female teachers like Tamar Buadze თამარ ბუაძე, in Georgia and Svetlana Spajić in Serbia. 
How to sing ‘folk music’ from a grounded, rooted place in your own landscape. Briget’s insight into what ‘Voices of the Ancestors’ means for her, describing three types of ancestors – genetic…

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That post on social media was NOT about me, but my brain did not know that. 

There is one person who consistently shows up on my Facebook feed. She is one of those passive aggressive posters, and for some reason, I often feel personally attacked by what she has to say. I know exactly why this happens and tonight, I was about to vague book respond to her indirectly, because I was assuming he post was about me. Perhaps it was, and likely it was not, but it’s gotten me to thinking. 

As a vocal coach and someone who shares music that I have learned with people in a very public way, I…

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