Project update!

So far, we have recorded basic tracks (bass, drums, acoustic guitar) and last Friday, I finished lead vocals for 6 of the 11 songs. We have two more sessions this week to finish the vocals and start overdubbing the other instruments (electric guitar, piano, back up vocals and more). 

To be honest, this has been a bit of an emotional ride for me and the growth and healing I am experiencing is already such a gift. Last Friday, I went into the studio and I decided to start the vocal session with the song Mandolin. In fact I have started all of the sessions with Mandolin. 

Little did I know that ALL the feelings about the loss I have experienced over the last few years would collide with the pressure I have put on myself to make the BEST RECORD EVER, resulting in an unexpected cry-fest for the producer to hold space for. It was a lot but I moved some really important things around in my system. After I was able to gather myself, I proceeded to have an incredible session where I sang my little heart out. 

This album feels really different because I am different. Up until now, most of the recording I have done has been while my dad was on the planet. His ears...his sensibilities...his feedback. All of those things were a huge part of the projects I have done before this one. With him gone, I have to approach it in a very different way. I have to learn to trust MY ears, MY sensibilities. I have to find other ways to get feedback. I don't think I realized that this would be a huge element of this process, but my goodness it is. 

Luckily, I feel held by you, my community, my friends and I am so grateful. 

Thank you again and I look forward to connecting soon. Let me know if you have any questions!

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