Project update!

So far, we have recorded basic tracks (bass, drums, acoustic guitar) and last Friday, I finished lead vocals for 6 of the 11 songs. We have two more sessions this week to finish the vocals and start overdubbing the other…

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The working song list

Here is the working list of songs for the album. 

  1. Even-Keeled Heart  
  2. Difference Between  
  3. Mandolin  
  4. Loops & Sockets*  
  5. Heartbreak Residue+  
  6. Apocalypse  
  7. Birdlike  
  8. Gravity  
  9. California  
  10. Crime & Misdemeanors  
  11. So Sorry  

*co-written with Tim Silva  
+co-written with Adri Walker 


May the Games Begin!

Thank you so much for taking part in this journey with me. I will be posting regular updates for my fundraising efforts including a daily total update.

I have chosen to run this campaign through my own website which is…

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