Garden Party: Briget Boyle / Sophia Raven Rose / Rob Jamner

Garden Party

Tickets: 7:00PM - Doors 7:30PM - Rob Jamner 8:10PM - Sophia Raven Rose 8:50PM - Briget Boyle Garden Party presents its first ever backyard concert, featuring songwriters Briget Boyle, Sophia Raven Rose, and Rob Jamner. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair, some food and drink, and get ready to get cozy with a night of original music. We ask that all attendees be fully vaccinated. Please remember to bring a mask, and wear it when you are not eating or drinking Briget Boyle’s background ranges from the folk music of the Balkans to the folk music that surrounds her on the West Coast of the United States. A prolific songwriter, vocalist, and guitar player based in Oakland, California, Briget recently released her second solo album, The Next Line. The record was hailed as a “fascinating and gripping listen” by Gabriel Aikins of Substream Magazine. Sophia Raven Rose is a singer-songwriter currently based out of Portland, Oregon. Her music is heartfelt pop with folk, jazz, and country influences. She is a classically trained vocalist who has been writing music since she was young. She released her first EP in February 2021. Rob Jamner (they/them) is a genderfluid, genrefluid songwriter and poet. They thrive on ambiguity, playing with expectations in their music. Some moments are catchy and cathartic, others are surprising and sophisticated, but everything comes together to make a singular, distinctive sound. Passionate about building community, Rob frequently collaborates with other artists to bring songs to life.