1. California

From the recording Heartbreak Residue

Briget Boyle: vocals, acoustic guitar
Lewis Patzner: cello


you painted your walls green, I should feel better here but I don’t
they kinda look like trees, caving in on me, I won't
find myself in this dingy city, it's so cold
oh how I miss those sunsets, the California gold
I take your dog for a walk, hate every minute that we’re out
air is thick as mud, take me back to the west coast drought
I know here I'm loved, but never really seen
I’m leaving in the morning with a basket full of lonely

Going back to California, oh highways, redwood trees
bluebirds flying feathery, ocean's edge home for me

The family carrot dangles, she tries to make me stay
Smile with me nephews every single day
they grow up so fast when I see them once a year
the kind of love they give me could get me planted here

But I'm thinkin' about California, coastal highways, old oak trees
bluebirds flying feathery, Knowing that you guide me

made of this earth
hands in the dirt
Steady, steady, finally

plane is coming down, out the window I see you
You've have all of me, my songs, my heart, my truth
Welcome Home California, Drive your highway, climb your trees
bluebirds flying feathery, a treasure chest, a home for me
oooh California, you got me wilding
bluebirds flying feathery, I'm coming home to me