1. Magic Trick

From the recording The Next Line

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Magic Trick

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In 2017, I was searching. Searching for inspiration, for discipline, for my voice, for my truth. I was looking for music. seeking my artist out. She called me to the woods, to a cabin, where I spect 3 days alone with my guitar and the silence. This song was born from that experience.

from The Next Line, released September 21, 2018
Briget Boyle - lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar
Kyle Caprista - drums, percussion
Jon Monahan - electric guitar
James DePrato - electric guitar
Kimiko Joy - background vocals
Lewis Patzner - cello
Michael Shiono - bass
Renzo Staiano - acoustic guitar


I learned a magic trick
A disappearing act
A little hideout from the world
Displacing memories
Replacing them with remedy
A starry night, a cabin the woods

The air was cold in there
The middle of nowhere
I chose to listen from the start
Hours passed into days
The silence dripped away
I slowly came apart

I find I'm amazed, solitude

I sang of days gone by
I hummed a lullaby
Remembered how to breathe
No way to be misunderstood
Alone, me and the firewood
No one to hear me but the trees

I find I'm amazed, solitude

And now I'm mesmerized, enchanted by this exercise
There's no more normal left in me
My skeptic put to sleep
Awakened inner majesty
Finding alchemy

I find I'm amazed, solitude